Definitions for meeting

meeting meet·ing

Spelling: [mee-ting]
IPA: /ˈmi tɪŋ/

Meeting is a 7 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 10 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 13 points.

You can make 117 anagrams from letters in meeting (eegimnt).

Definitions for meeting


  1. the act of coming together:
  2. an assembly or conference of persons for a specific purpose:
  3. the body of persons present at an assembly or conference:
  4. a hostile encounter; duel.
  5. an assembly for religious worship, especially of Quakers.
  6. meeting house.
  7. a place or point of contact; junction; union:
  8. an assembly, as of persons and hounds for a hunt or swimmers or runners for a race or series of races:
  9. those assembled.
  10. the place of such an assembling.
  11. Mathematics. intersection (def 3a).


  1. take a meeting, Informal. to hold, conduct, or participate in a meeting:
  2. meet cute. cute (def 6).
  3. meet halfway, to concede in part, as to the demands of an opposing faction; make concessions, as to another person; compromise: to anticipate another's actions and conduct oneself accordingly.
  4. well met, Archaic. welcome.

Verb phrases

  1. meet with, to come across; encounter: to experience; undergo; receive: to join, as for conference or instruction:

verb (used with object)

  1. to come upon; come into the presence of; encounter:
  2. to become acquainted with; be introduced to:
  3. to join at an agreed or designated place or time:
  4. to be present at the arrival of:
  5. to come to or before (one's notice, or a means of noticing, as the eyes or ears):
  6. to come into the company of (a person, group, etc.) in dealings, conference, etc.
  7. to face, eye, etc., directly or without avoidance.
  8. to come into physical contact, juxtaposition, or collision with:
  9. to encounter in opposition, conflict, or contest:
  10. to oppose:
  11. to cope or deal effectively with (an objection, difficulty, etc.).
  12. to comply with; fulfill; satisfy:
  13. to pay in full:
  14. to come into conformity with (wishes, expectations, views, etc.).
  15. to encounter in experience:

verb (used without object)

  1. to come together, face to face, or into company:
  2. to assemble for action, conference, or other common purpose, as a committee, legislature, or class:
  3. to become personally acquainted.
  4. to come into contact or form a junction, as lines, planes, or areas:
  5. to be conjoined or united.
  6. to concur or agree.
  7. to come together in opposition or conflict, as adversaries or hostile forces.

Origin of meeting

Middle English word dating back to 1250-1300; See origin at meet1, -ing1

Examples for meeting

The resources were what you might expect: Dining room, a media center, a library, a TV room, a meeting room, a computer room.

This brings us to his meeting with Halbert Davis at the door.

It was still an hour to the time of meeting, and the Ave-bell was ringing.

Since their meeting the young man had been her abject cavalier.

When we had that meeting in the Caribbean, Jeffrey was holding his own and not only was he a pleasant host, he was pleasant guy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Stuart Scott several years ago.

Hester Paine was not particularly well pleased with the meeting.

As it stands, I do not believe we are anywhere close to meeting that standard.

He speaks in a whisper, flanked by the two locals who set up the meeting.

She disliked the idea of meeting Evelyn in the dean's office.

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