Definitions for go-to-meeting

go-to-meeting go-to-meet·ing

Spelling: [goh-tuh-meet-n, -mee-ting]
IPA: /ˈgoʊ təˈmit n, -ˈmi tɪŋ/

Go-To-Meeting is a 13 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 3 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 4 points.

You can make 291 anagrams from letters in go-to-meeting (--eeggimnoott).

Definitions for go-to-meeting


  1. Sunday-go-to-meeting.

Origin of go-to-meeting

An Americanism dating back to 1780-90

Examples for go-to-meeting

He had thought her queenly dazzling in her highly-colored "go-to-meeting" plumage of the day before.

Paddy, must we put on our best dresses when she comes—our Sunday go-to-meeting frocks, you know?

In the two closets of this chamber were mine hostess's cloak, best bonnet, and go-to-meeting apparel.

He wore neither wig nor gown, and had not even put on his Sunday go-to-meeting clothes.

Under ordinary circumstances, not more than two or three of us would require a go-to-meeting rig-out at one and the same time.

Very few men look their best in their go-to-meeting clothes.

Directly an immigrant has landed, he feels that his first earnings must be devoted to a Sunday go-to-meeting suit.

I won't put on my Sunday go-to-meeting clothes when I go a-walking with you.

I hain't no go-to-meeting clothes, that are quite up to the notch.

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