Definitions for camp-meeting

camp-meeting camp meeting

Camp-Meeting is a 12 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 10 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 13 points.

You can make 617 anagrams from letters in camp-meeting (-aceegimmnpt).

Definitions for camp-meeting


  1. a religious gathering held in a tent or in the open air.

Origin of camp-meeting

First recorded in 1790-1800

Examples for camp-meeting

A Presbyterian camp meeting is at least a novelty at the north.

The ministers were in the preachers' room on the afternoon of this camp meeting day.

The overhead expenses of a camp meeting were comparatively light.

The camp meeting gathering together hosts of people and preachers gave me the opportunity of appearing without exciting inquiry.

We had a camp meeting near Marietta, and this fellow came to it.

In the vicinity of this settlement the Presbyterians annually hold a camp meeting.

I went with old missus to camp meeting down in Georgia one time and got to go to white church sometimes.

Armed with pistols and dirks they attended the camp meeting.

Haven't you done anything about going to camp meeting, Nancy Curtis?

And what a place for a camp meeting was the Kentucky forest.

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