Definitions for meeting-house

meeting-house meeting house

Meeting-House is a 13 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 10 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 13 points.

You can make 954 anagrams from letters in meeting-house (-eeeghimnostu).

Definitions for meeting-house


  1. a house or building for religious worship.
  2. a house of worship for Quakers.

Origin of meeting-house

First recorded in 1625-35

Examples for meeting-house

The meeting-house was filled long before the services did begin.

Wears gloves 61 like my darter when she goes to meeting-house!

The stocks and the whipping-post stood by the side of the meeting-house.

It was Sunday, and he had strolled into a church or meeting-house—does it matter which?

The meeting-house and most of the dwelling-houses were burned.

Dogs, too, were permitted to enter the meeting-house and lie on their masters' feet.

Like the school-house and meeting-house, it has become glorified by our men of letters.

I ran up to the meeting-house and found the militia forming.

Such in substance was the controversy about the location of the meeting-house.

Thank you, Peter; and how's the meeting-house, and who preaches there next Sunday, Peter?

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