Definitions for IT

IT it

Spelling: [it]
IPA: /ɪt/

It is a 2 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 2 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 2 points.

You can make 7 anagrams from letters in IT (it).

Definitions for IT


  1. (in children's games) the player called upon to perform some task, as, in tag, the one who must catch the other players.
  2. Slang. sex appeal. sexual intercourse.
  3. sweet vermouth:


  1. get with it, Slang. to become active or interested:
  2. have it, Informal. to love someone: to possess the requisite abilities for something; be talented, adept, or proficient:
  3. with it, Slang. aware of the latest fads, fashions, etc.; up-to-date. attentive or alert: understanding or appreciative of something, as jazz. Carnival Slang. being a member of the carnival.


  1. (used to represent an inanimate thing understood, previously mentioned, about to be mentioned, or present in the immediate context):
  2. (used to represent a person or animal understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned whose gender is unknown or disregarded):
  3. (used to represent a group understood or previously mentioned):
  4. (used to represent a concept or abstract idea understood or previously stated):
  5. (used to represent an action or activity understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned):
  6. (used as the impersonal subject of the verb to be, especially to refer to time, distance, or the weather):
  7. (used in statements expressing an action, condition, fact, circumstance, or situation without reference to an agent):
  8. (used in referring to something as the origin or cause of pain, pleasure, etc.):
  9. (used in referring to a source not specifically named or described):
  10. (used in referring to the general state of affairs; circumstances, fate, or life in general):
  11. (used as an anticipatory subject or object to make a sentence more eloquent or suspenseful or to shift emphasis):
  12. Informal. (used instead of the pronoun its before a gerund):

Origin of IT

before 900; Middle English, variant of Middle English, Old English hit, neuter of he1

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