Definitions for ITU


Itu is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 16 anagrams from letters in ITU (itu).

Examples for ITU

Afterwards come and tell me— Lepas ITU mari-lah khabar-kan; not, mari bilang sama sahaya.

It is not unusual to hear ini and ITU placed before the noun, but this is not idiomatic.

A canoe, with ten paddlers, was sent down from Ikpe to the beach near ITU.

The child was wearing a coral necklace round her neck— Budak ITU ada pakei sa-labuh merjan di leher-nia.

The pony fell down and immediately died— Rbah kuda ITU langsong mati.

And so she passed ITU and sailed up the Enyong Creek, one of the loveliest little waterways in the world.

Ma settled at ITU in a little mud hut, with a table and chair and a few pots and pans.

A young missionary, Dr. Hitchcock, had come out to take charge of the medical station at ITU for a time.

And although she meant only to go to ITU and had no change of clothing or food, she said, "Yes, I will go."

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