Definitions for ITA


Ita is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 16 anagrams from letters in ITA (ait).

Examples for ITA

They had with them a child upon seeing whom ita wept bitterly.

OnTheFly (free) – This search engine app is based on the ita Matrix software, which is own buy Google.

Probably not a Cherokee but a Creek name from the Creek ta′lua or ita′lua, town.

But when Graham opened the door of the sitting-room and said: "Well, here we are, ita!"

The Hindus tell us that all things are either the "nita" or the "ita" message.

ita accepti sumus in has naves octo solum Galli si qua forte opportunitas daretur emittendi nos in patriam.

ita cum causa veritatis ex altera parte procedat, inest tamen communis in utraque necessitas.

There was soon to be a meeting of the custodians of commercial television in Britain, the ita.

From there he went on north to near the river, to Selye'aya-'ita.

Hes a human man, and thats all there is to ita clever, human man!

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