Definitions for itacolumite

itacolumite it·a·col·u·mite

Spelling: [it-uh-kol-yuh-mahyt]
IPA: /ˌɪt əˈkɒl yəˌmaɪt/

Itacolumite is a 11 letter English word.

You can make 653 anagrams from letters in itacolumite (aceiilmottu).

Definitions for itacolumite


  1. a sandstone consisting of interlocking quartz grains and mica scales, found principally in Brazil and North Carolina, and noted for its flexibility in thin slabs.

Origin of itacolumite

1860-65; named after Itacolumi, mountain in Brazil; see -ite1

Examples for itacolumite

itacolumite is yellow or pale-brown, and splits readily into thin flat slabs.

Some authorities hold that the diamond has been formed in certain quartz veins which traverse the itacolumite.

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