Definitions for Tiamat

Tiamat Tia·mat

Spelling: [tyah-maht]
IPA: /ˈtyɑ mɑt/

Tiamat is a 6 letter English word.

You can make 57 anagrams from letters in Tiamat (aaimtt).

Definitions for Tiamat


  1. an Akkadian goddess, the consort of Apsu and mother of the gods.

Examples for Tiamat

It is Tiamat, the woman, who hath resolved to wage war against us.

Of one half of the corpse of Tiamat he formed the earth, and of the other half, the heavens.

Tiamat was the dragon of the sea, and therefore the serpent or leviathan.

Tiamat assumes the form of a monster often repeated on monuments, but this form is not that of the serpent.

It commences with the statement that "in the beginning" all was a chaos of waters, called the deep (Tiamat, the Hebrew tehom).

Tiamat then creates light, the heavens, dry land, animals, and man.

As the origin of evil Tiamat personified the deep and tempests.

The process by which the moon would share the evil repute of Tiamat is obvious.

Tiamat becomes the sworn enemy of the gods and their creation, the great principle of opposition and destruction.

This is the mother Tiamat, who burns to avenge the deaths of her kindred.

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