Definitions for Tiahuanaco

Tiahuanaco Ti·a·hua·na·co

Spelling: [tee-uh-wuh-nah-koh]
IPA: /ˌti ə wəˈnɑ koʊ/

Tiahuanaco is a 10 letter English word.

You can make 328 anagrams from letters in Tiahuanaco (aaachinotu).

Definitions for Tiahuanaco


  1. of or relating to a pre-Incan culture existing c300 b.c.–a.d. c900, chiefly in Peru and Bolivia, characterized by the use of megalithic masonry carved with geometric and animal designs, stone statues, polychrome pottery, and bronze artifacts.

Examples for Tiahuanaco

In Tiahuanaco, where the creation, or rather manufacture of men took place, the creator turned many sinners into stones.

Whether there was ever a city at Tiahuanaco there is nothing to shew.

Tiahuanaco is pre-Inca, yet even here the images are clothed.

Tiahuanaco was the theatre of the new creation of man which followed upon the Deluge.

The place is Tiahuanaco, or Tihuamacu, as the Indians of the neighbourhood call it.

The similarity of the figures on Easter Island to the figures at Tiahuanaco has been thought to suggest such a possibility.

Tiahuanaco may, at some distant period, have enjoyed the privilege of being a seaport.

Many of the stone monuments at Tiahuanaco have been removed, some for building, some for other purposes.

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