Definitions for tiara

tiara ti·ar·a

Spelling: [tee-ar-uh, -ahr-uh, - Tiara is a 5 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 5 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 5 points.

You can make 50 anagrams from letters in tiara (aairt).

Definitions for tiara


  1. a jeweled, ornamental coronet worn by women.
  2. Roman Catholic Church. a head-piece consisting of three coronets on top of which is an orb and a cross, worn by the pope, or carried before him during certain nonliturgical functions.
  3. the position, authority, and dignity of the pope.
  4. a high headdress, or turban, worn by the ancient Persians and others.

Origin of tiara

1545-55; Latin: headdress Greek tiā́ra kind of turban

Examples for tiara

The tiara, designed by British designer Slim Barrett, is set to sell somewhere between £18,000 and £25,000.

“I can see Carleton rather fancying himself in a tiara,” she said.

Cæsar was not in Rome at the time his father received the tiara.

tiara now arose to go, but it was evident that there was something yet unspoken.

The tiara previously belonged to the Queen Mother who bequeathed it to Princess Margaret.

Dakota graduated high school, where she was homecoming queen—“She had the tiara and everything!”

She also knew that if ever a man loved a woman, Ensal was in love with tiara.

It was for them the sign of princeship, as a tiara was the sign of godhead.

I also catch a peek at an attractive blond woman wearing a light gold dress, a tiara and a sash that reads "Miss Golden Berries."

It was the first time she has worn a tiara since the royal wedding.

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