Definitions for esse

esse es·se

Spelling: [es-se; English es-ee]
IPA: /ˈɛs sɛ; English ˈɛs i/

Esse is a 4 letter English word.

You can make 13 anagrams from letters in esse (eess).

Definitions for esse


  1. being; existence.


  1. of validity for the time being but subject to objection or nullification at a later date; provisionally:


  1. absent.

adverb, adjective

  1. in being; in actuality; in actual existence (contrasted wiith in posse).

Origin of esse

First recorded in 1595-1605, de bene esse is from the Medieval Latin word dē bene esse of well-being

Examples for esse

Another form of disinfecting chamber is that invented by Dr esse, of Berlin, and employed in that city.

Before other verbs are declined, it is necessary to learn the verb esse, to be.

"Scio et volo me esse hominem," writes Nicolai at the close of his book.

Hence it is to this esse, to what we are, that blame and merit must ultimately be attributed.

There cannot be anything in esse in Man that was not aforetime in posse in Nature.

The percipi in these originals of experience is the esse; the curtain is the picture.

Indeed they existed, as the schoolmen used to say, in posse, but not in esse.

I went with Oldershaw, and Twigg and esse went in the other boats.

esse and I watched them anxiously as they disappeared in the gloom.

I secured a handkerchief round my head, and esse did the same.

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