Definitions for Esbjerg

Esbjerg Es·bjerg

Spelling: [es-byer]
IPA: /ˈɛs byɛr/

Esbjerg is a 7 letter English word.

You can make 91 anagrams from letters in Esbjerg (beegjrs).

Definitions for Esbjerg


  1. a seaport in SW Denmark.

Examples for Esbjerg

We shall have a longer run than usual to-morrow, and reach Esbjerg midday the day after, and the steamer leaves at night.

The horse is to be taken to Harwich, and thence on board the steamer for Esbjerg.

Thus the horses could rest at Bkke, and then go further to a station that would leave them but a little distance to reach Esbjerg.

The route we shall take is by the cattle steamer from Esbjerg to Harwich, from which latter place I will telegraph.

Mrs. Hardy would not hear of her son's accompanying her to Esbjerg.

The idea had occurred to him to drive the hundred and odd English miles from the parsonage to Esbjerg.

Not one single harbour of refuge can be found between Esbjerg and the Skaw.

My letter, beginning in Esbjerg, was broken short by the necessity of sleep.

He had been bound to his parish for years, and not even his youngest son would enjoy the drive to Esbjerg more.

When you come to Esbjerg, take train to Horsens, where I will meet you.

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