Definitions for escadrille

escadrille es·ca·drille

Spelling: [es-kuh-dril, es-kuh-dril; Escadrille is a 10 letter English word. It's valid Words with friends word worth 16 points.

You can make 776 anagrams from letters in escadrille (acdeeillrs).

Definitions for escadrille


  1. a squadron or divisional unit of airplanes:
  2. Obsolete. a small naval squadron.

Origin of escadrille

1910-15; French: flotilla, Middle French Spanish escuadrilla, diminutive of escuadra squadron

Examples for escadrille

But why me any more than you, Tom, or any other fellow in the escadrille?

The escadrille passed through Paris on its way to the Somme front.

He began to think of what the boys of the escadrille would say.

Like all worth-while institutions, the American escadrille, of which I have the honour of being a member, was of gradual growth.

And all the pilots of the escadrille, in turn, came to sign it.

The news of Rockwell's death was telephoned to the escadrille.

He was the founder of the American escadrille and every one in it had come to rely on him.

Our escadrille had been in Luxeuil during the months of April and May.

We had little thought that an escadrille of German planes could reach Paris.

I looked for my escadrille, and saw these machines way off in the distance.

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