Definitions for dark-lantern

dark-lantern dark lantern

Dark-Lantern is a 12 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 9 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 9 points.

You can make 467 anagrams from letters in dark-lantern (-aadeklnnrrt).

Definitions for dark-lantern


  1. a lantern having an opening with a shutter that can be slid across the opening to obscure the light.

Origin of dark-lantern

First recorded in 1640-50

Examples for dark-lantern

There was also a dark lantern, and various implements used by burglars.

A dark lantern, the servant or agent that receives the bribe at court.

I'm too many things already, and I haven't any false hair or dark lantern.

In these lectures you have seen it only as in flashes from a dark lantern.

A man with a dark lantern looking, I think, at a mile-stone.

He uncovered the lens of his dark lantern and turned the ray on Wixy.

There was no gas here, but the constable's dark lantern showed the way.

It was a dark lantern, I suppose, for the light was shut up in some way after that.

It was a dark lantern, flashing light before it, itself all in shadow.

And igniting a match, he lighted a dark lantern which he had brought with him.

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