Definitions for dark

dark dark

Spelling: [dahrk]
IPA: /dɑrk/

Dark is a 4 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 9 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 9 points.

You can make 28 anagrams from letters in dark (adkr).

Definitions for dark


  1. the absence of light; darkness:
  2. night; nightfall:
  3. a dark place.
  4. a dark color.


  1. in the dark, in ignorance; uninformed: in secrecy; concealed; obscure.
  2. keep dark, to keep as a secret; conceal:


  1. having very little or no light:
  2. radiating, admitting, or reflecting little light:
  3. approaching black in hue:
  4. not pale or fair; swarthy:
  5. brunette; dark-colored:
  6. having brunette hair:
  7. (of coffee) containing only a small amount of milk or cream.
  8. gloomy; cheerless; dismal:
  9. sullen; frowning:
  10. evil; iniquitous; wicked:
  11. destitute of knowledge or culture; unenlightened.
  12. hard to understand; obscure.
  13. hidden; secret.
  14. silent; reticent.
  15. (of a theater) offering no performances; closed:
  16. Phonetics. (of an l- sound) having back-vowel resonance; situated after a vowel in the same syllable. Compare clear (def 24a). (of a speech sound) of dull quality; acoustically damped.

verb (used with object)

  1. to make dark; darken.

verb (used without object)

  1. Obsolete. to grow dark; darken.

Origin of dark

before 1000; (adj.) Middle English derk, Old English deorc; (noun and v.) Middle English, derivative of the adj.; compare Middle High German terken to darken, hide

Examples for dark

As it was just dark we thought it best to move on a few miles, which we did after dark.

At present it was dark and weather-beaten, and in a general state of neglect.

Reached the water at the Two Springs half an hour after dark.

Sybil is dead, as is Matthew; Gregson is missing with dark hints about his fate.

As it was now an hour after dark, I turned them out, and left them to do the best they could.

These are dark times for network TV, but experiments like Galavant are the silver lining.

Reached camp at the spot arranged an hour after dark, and found all well.

I thought about the mother, her fear of the dark, of the harm she feared might come to her daughters.

Luke Skywalker is an evil robot who has fallen to the dark side of the force.

He wore white gloves, a dignified long black coat, and matching pants and vest, and he carried a dark walking stick.

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