Definitions for lantern

lantern lan·tern

Spelling: [lan-tern]
IPA: /ˈlæn tərn/

Lantern is a 7 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 7 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 10 points.

You can make 154 anagrams from letters in lantern (aelnnrt).

Definitions for lantern


  1. a transparent or translucent, usually portable, case for enclosing a light and protecting it from the wind, rain, etc.
  2. the chamber at the top of a lighthouse, surrounding the light.
  3. magic lantern.
  4. Architecture. a tall, more or less open construction admitting light to an enclosed area below. any light, decorative structure of relatively small size crowning a roof, dome, etc. an open-sided structure on a roof to let out smoke or to assist ventilation.
  5. a light, usually over the entrance to an elevator on each floor of a multistory building, that signals the approach of the elevator.

Origin of lantern

1250-1300; Middle English lanterne Latin lanterna (Etruscan) Greek lamptḗr lamp, light

Examples for lantern

The lantern, set on a tombstone beside them, blinked in a snowy gust.

There, by the light of a lantern, he and Jud made Andrew as comfortable as possible.

He got up from his chair, lighted a lantern, and went outside.

It was the hired man with whom Margaret had left the letter, and he held a lantern in his hand.

Our first episode will really hang a lantern on everything being reset, and they just go right back to who they were.

After a moment he arose, took his lantern into his tent, and there spread his find on his cot.

He lighted the lantern, and Hal Dozier went down the steep steps, humming.

Imagine scouts scouring the woods with a lantern—with a lantern, Renny!

The telegram was found, and the captain read it, while Tim held the lantern.

At camp he lighted his lantern and spread out his find on the table.

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