Definitions for worm-eaten

worm-eaten worm-eat·en

Spelling: [wurm-eet-n]
IPA: /ˈwɜrmˌit n/

Worm-Eaten is a 10 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 9 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 10 points.

You can make 450 anagrams from letters in worm-eaten (-aeemnortw).

Definitions for worm-eaten


  1. eaten into or gnawed by worms.
  2. impaired by time, decayed or antiquated.

Origin of worm-eaten

1350-1400; Middle English wormeten; see worm, eat, -en3

Examples for worm-eaten

Youre going to learn, you unmilitary-looking, worm-eaten scab.

Fill a stewpan with large flap mushrooms, that are not worm-eaten, and the skins and fringe of such as have been pickled.

I will take it since you offer it in kindness, old dame, this worm-eaten staff.

It was worm-eaten and old, but a test showed it would support them.

My bed was intolerable, and the bedclothes dirty and worm-eaten.

"The apricots have all failed, and fully one-half of the peaches are worm-eaten," said she, dryly.

In the Teynkirche stands the worm-eaten pulpit from which preached John Huss.

It cries to you through my lips: 'worm-eaten, mouldering aristocracy!

But to ask me to worship a stuffed purple robe on a worm-eaten throne!

Dry and worm-eaten, a spark upon them became a smoulder, and a smoulder a blaze.

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