Definitions for WORM

WORM worm

Spelling: [wurm]
IPA: /wɜrm/

Worm is a 4 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 9 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 10 points.

You can make 24 anagrams from letters in WORM (morw).

Definitions for WORM


  1. Zoology. any of numerous long, slender, soft-bodied, legless, bilaterally symmetrical invertebrates, including the flatworms, roundworms, acanthocephalans, nemerteans, gordiaceans, and annelids.
  2. (loosely) any of numerous small creeping animals with more or less slender, elongated bodies, and without limbs or with very short ones, including individuals of widely differing kinds, as earthworms, tapeworms, insect larvae, and adult forms of some insects.
  3. something resembling or suggesting a worm in appearance, movement, etc.
  4. Informal. a groveling, abject, or contemptible person.
  5. the spiral pipe in which the vapor is condensed in a still.
  6. (not in technical use) screw thread (def 1).
  7. screw conveyor.
  8. Also called worm screw. a rotating cylinder or shaft, cut with one or more helical threads, that engages with and drives a worm wheel.
  9. something that penetrates, injures, or consumes slowly or insidiously, like a gnawing worm.
  10. worms, (used with a singular verb) Pathology, Veterinary Pathology. any disease or disorder arising from the presence of parasitic worms in the intestines or other tissues; helminthiasis.
  11. (used with a plural verb) Metallurgy. irregularities visible on the surfaces of some metals subject to plastic deformation.
  12. the lytta of a dog or other carnivorous animal.
  13. computer code planted illegally in a software program so as to destroy data in any system that downloads the program, as by reformatting the hard disk.

verb (used with object)

  1. to cause to move or advance in a devious or stealthy manner:
  2. to get by persistent, insidious efforts (usually followed by out or from):
  3. to insinuate (oneself or one's way) into another's favor, confidence, etc.:
  4. to free from worms:
  5. Nautical. to wind yarn or the like spirally round (a rope) so as to fill the spaces between the strands and render the surface smooth.

verb (used without object)

  1. to move or act like a worm; creep, crawl, or advance slowly or stealthily.
  2. to achieve something by insidious procedure (usually followed by into):
  3. Metallurgy. craze (def 8a).

Origin of WORM

before 900; Middle English (noun); Old English wyrm, dragon, serpent, worm; cognate with Dutch worm, German Wurm, Old Norse ormr; akin to Latin vermis

Examples for WORM

You must think this, look you, that the worm will do his kind.

If you like mammal species from the suborder Vermilingua (meaning "worm tongue")...

Hasn't it even dawned on you that this worm was ever going to turn?

“I tried to show them how to do the worm,” the 20-year-old American chuckles.

So, Grey worm arms the slaves of Meereen, who outnumber the citizens three-to-one.

Bikini waxes, smoking crack, and the worm dance are involved.

Hers were ice cold—but inside they tingled and glowed, like a worm of fire in a chrysalis of ice.

If any of the plants are eat by this worm, you must set another one by it.

You know, I think it wrong to kill a bird, or worm, or even a Tartar.

It appeared The worm had turned, even though his ignorance remained wrong side up.

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