Definitions for Vera

Vera ver·a

Spelling: [ver-uh, var-uh]
IPA: /ˈvɛr ə, ˈvær ə/

Vera is a 4 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 7 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 8 points.

You can make 34 anagrams from letters in Vera (aerv).

Definitions for Vera


  1. a female given name: from a Russian word meaning “faith.”.

adjective, adverb

  1. very.

Examples for Vera

The vera Institute estimates U.S. taxpayers paid $39 billion for incarceration in 2012.

“Out of poverty and despair our sons work in illegal coal mines,” one of the Orthodox faithful, vera Zviagintseva, told me.

vera Cruz fell after a vigorous bombardment and a brave defence.

"Ye sall—this vera nicht, gien ye like," rejoined the soutar.

Between the ceremony and reception, Kardashian wore three different vera Wang gowns, worth a total of $600,000.

And Robert Cáceres, 32, says he lost $60 on a vera Wang tuxedo he tried to buy on Craigslist.

Eh, but they maun be sair hungert afore they tak til the vera dirt!

Was she to bring an owre true tale o' me to the vera hoose I was born in?

Harington is currently abroad shooting Testament of Youth, a biopic of poet vera Brittain, who will be played by Alicia Vikander.

A vera good right, I think; or if he hadna, I wad like to know wha had?

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