Definitions for Ver

Ver ver.

Ver is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 14 anagrams from letters in Ver (erv).

Examples for Ver

M'I ver turned round and looked her, with cunning humour, in the face.

In anticipation therefore of what he will have to relate in ver.

At last he said that it might be an attack of the "ver solitaire" (tape-worm).

"Yes, it is ver' true, he always play bad," muttered the Pole.

Now, then, my good girl, ver so goot will you show me my seng?

He love-a to fight, an' he has been in two duel, dough he is ver' young.

Nor can we be certain who were those departed "leaders," "guides," of ver.

Are we not rather to regard the words as the beginning of ver.

He was to be taken across the ver to be beheaded, but miracles appeared.

The main reason for throwing it so late is the reference in ver.

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