Definitions for SED


Sed is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 14 anagrams from letters in SED (des).

Examples for SED

So Ezra SED: "Wall, here's your money; now what do you want in trade?"

I SED the place whar they've got all them bulls and bears a fitin'.

I SED, "guess I kin, but you brought them feet in here, and I've got to step some whar."

And he SED "Oh you git out, you've got hay seed in your hair."

I SED, "Cum along you silly fool, that ain't Steve Jenkins."

He SED "no sir, that car belongs to the street car company."

So I SED to him, "Mister, did you lose anythin' 'round here any place?"

A little further up the street I seen a sine what SED, "This is the door."

So I SED, "Wall, now, I want to know; do you need any onions?"

And they SED, "Wall, Mr. Hoskins, we're surveyin' fer the railroad."

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