Definitions for NI


Ni is a 2 letter English word.

You can make 5 anagrams from letters in NI (in).

Examples for NI

In stepping down from the boards of Ni Group, Times Newspaper Holdings, and News Corp.

In this sentence the are Ni va ought to be in the nominative.

But there was not then what you call—this—Ni—Nitro-glycerine.

Of this the Bard remarks “Ni mad,” it was not honourable, “non bene.”

Put it in your pocket, quick—say no more 'bout it, Goo' Ni'.

Ni shook his sorrel head, and buried his teeth deep into the apple.

Because first of all, you see, “Ni**erhead” is just a word, a legitimate and perfectly respectable word.

“I think that all you Ni**ers need to…check yourselves out,” he said to laughter in his first big applause line of the eveNing.

In all of these essentials Ni Tsan, who died in 1374, brings us nearer to the Ming period.

But good luck erasing the sound of their high shrilled “Ni!”

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