Definitions for Deacon

Deacon dea·con

Spelling: [dee-kuh n]
IPA: /ˈdi kən/

Deacon is a 6 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 9 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 11 points.

You can make 129 anagrams from letters in Deacon (acdeno).

Definitions for Deacon


  1. (in hierarchical churches) a member of the clerical order next below that of a priest.
  2. (in other churches) an appointed or elected officer having variously defined duties.
  3. (in Freemasonry) either of two officers in a masonic lodge.

verb (used with object)

  1. to pack (vegetables or fruit) with only the finest pieces or the most attractive sides visible.
  2. to falsify (something); doctor.
  3. to castrate (a pig or other animal).
  4. to read aloud (a line of a psalm, hymn, etc.) before singing it.

Origin of Deacon

before 900; Middle English deken, Old English diacon Late Latin diāconus Greek diā́konos servant, minister, deacon, equivalent to diā- dia- + -konos service

Examples for Deacon

The thin examiner held the high office of deacon of the church.

According to the deacon, Williams made countless house calls and hospital visits whenever he could.

Paul employed his wife, a deacon in their Bowling Green presbyterian church, for damage control.

It was deacon Pitts who spoke, but in a tone hushed to the key of the unexpected.

I know this, anyway, that she just about worships the deacon.

deacon Williams seemed to confirm this sentiment, saying, “as Christian people, we wanted him to get well.”

She said it would be a comfort for her to do it, for they would be so soft for the deacon's feet.

The deacon said he is demanding an explanation from Williams.

“His sermons were pretty much from his heart,” the deacon told us.

"Never mind, brother," replied the good deacon, recovering his temper.

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