Definitions for DEA


Dea is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 18 anagrams from letters in DEA (ade).

Examples for DEA

The DEA was completely unaware that this was being used medically across the country.

So thought Florence; and he and his mother, who lived in a room of DEA.

Researchers were aware that the DEA was going to fairly quickly clamp down on MDMA.

DEA Flavia waited quietly while these hurried consultations were going on.

"Good Licinia, do as I tell thee," said DEA, now with marked impatience.

The couple married in their back garden in a ceremony conducted by a DEA officer.

Neither did Menecreta fall a victim to DEA Flavia's melodious voice.

In 2004, the DEA estimated that FedEx had 200 registered online pharmacies.

Caligula himself led the way to the triclinium and DEA Flavia followed him.

That said, an investigation by the DEA does pose a risk should actual criminal charges arise.

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