Definitions for anode

anode an·ode

Spelling: [an-ohd]
IPA: /ˈæn oʊd/

Anode is a 5 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 6 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 7 points.

You can make 73 anagrams from letters in anode (adeno).

Definitions for anode


  1. the electrode or terminal by which current enters an electrolytic cell, voltaic cell, battery, etc.
  2. the negative terminal of a voltaic cell or battery.
  3. the positive terminal, electrode, or element of an electron tube or electrolytic cell.

Origin of anode

1825-35; Greek ánodos way up, equivalent to an- an-3 + hodós way, road

Examples for anode

He applied the current, moving the anode and the cathode slowly.

He lifted the anode from the solution now, removed the negative, and held it up.

To the anode he attached one of the negatives, to the cathode a small piece of iron.

The current always flows within the cell from anode to the cathode.

A rod of carbon dipping into the melted salt serves as the anode.

These corpuscles bombard the anode and keep it incandescent.

The anode is inserted into its bulb in a quite similar manner.

Second, the plate which forms the anode of the circuit from battery, B2.

In the method of construction shown in Fig. 41, the anode is put in first.

I do not think that the formation of a crust upon the anode can be entirely prevented.

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