Definitions for Anabaptist

Anabaptist An·a·bap·tist

Spelling: [an-uh-bap-tist]
IPA: /ˌæn əˈbæp tɪst/

Anabaptist is a 10 letter English word.

You can make 352 anagrams from letters in Anabaptist (aaabinpstt).

Definitions for Anabaptist


  1. a member of any of various Protestant sects, formed in Europe after 1520, that denied the validity of infant baptism, baptized believers only, and advocated social and economic reforms as well as the complete separation of church and state.
  2. Archaic. Baptist (def 1).


  1. of or relating to Anabaptists or Anabaptism.

Origin of Anabaptist

1525-35; New Latin anabaptista Medieval Latin anabapt(īzāre) to rebaptize (Late Greek anabaptī́zein; see ana-, baptize) + -ista Examples for Anabaptist

Upon which Candide carried him to the Anabaptist's stable, and gave him a crust of bread.

It is directly from them that the Anabaptist movement of history dates its origin.

The three Anabaptist leaders wish to put the Count to death.

One of the Anabaptist leaders intervened, however, declaring that the nobles and priests who could pay ransom should be spared.

The Anabaptist fanatics were rapidly approaching this stage.

He was a Republican and Anabaptist, and therefore an enemy to Cromwell.

How were Royalist and Anabaptist plottings to be suppressed?

You will not make the Protestant-Mercury to be an Anabaptist too, will ye?

I know not what to say or do about that Anabaptist as Holroyd calls him.

Then a court was established to try the Anabaptist prisoners.

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