Definitions for Win

Win win

Spelling: [win]
IPA: /wɪn/

Win is a 3 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 6 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 7 points.

You can make 10 anagrams from letters in Win (inw).

Definitions for Win


  1. a victory, as in a game or horse race.
  2. the position of the competitor who comes in first in a horse race, harness race, etc. Compare place (def 27b), show (def 27).
  3. Slang. a success, or something good: Compare fail (def 14a). the state or quality of being successful or good: Compare fail (def 14b).


  1. for the win, Slang. (used to express enthusiasm for someone or something that is very good, likely to succeed, etc.):


  1. Slang. successful or competent. Compare fail (def 19b). very good or of high quality; awesome: Compare fail (def 19c).

Verb phrases

  1. win out, to win or succeed, especially over great odds; triumph:


  1. Slang. (used to acknowledge success, competence, etc.):

verb (used with object)

  1. to succeed in reaching (a place, condition, etc.), especially by great effort:
  2. to get by effort, as through labor, competition, or conquest:
  3. to gain (a prize, fame, etc.).
  4. to be successful in (a game, battle, etc.).
  5. to make (one's way), as by effort or ability.
  6. to attain or reach (a point, goal, etc.).
  7. to gain (favor, love, consent, etc.), as by qualities or influence.
  8. to gain the favor, regard, or adherence of.
  9. to gain the consent or support of; persuade (often followed by over):
  10. to persuade to marry; gain in marriage.
  11. British Mining. to obtain (ore, coal, etc.). to prepare (a vein, bed, mine, etc.) for working, by means of shafts or the like.
  12. to dry (hay, wood, etc.) by exposure to air and sun.

verb (used without object)

  1. to finish first in a race, contest, or the like.
  2. to succeed by striving or effort:
  3. to gain the victory; overcome an adversary:
  4. Slang. to be successful or competent and be acknowledged for it: Compare fail (def 9).

Origin of Win

before 900; Middle English winnen (v.), Old English winnan to work, fight, bear; cognate with German gewinnen, Old Norse vinna, Gothic winnan

Examples for Win

There he stuck, and it stood to reason that he could not win.

Her Miss America win transcended mere superficial beauty standards.

If history is a guide, Huckabee will need to resonate with more than just the faithful if he is to win.

Yet you could ever win me over to your side with that soft voice of yours.

In the end, then, you'll be out a lot of money even if you win.

Listen to the voice that tries to win you back to innocence and truth!

She fails to appreciate the congressional and constitutional obstacles Johnson had to overcome to win passage of the bill.

Except the Braves did not win 14 straight pennants (they did win 14 straight division titles), and Smoltz is a also Republican.

It was almost impossible to win their confidence, or to get information from them.

A Republican candidate hoping to win red state support could find a worse team to root for than one from Dallas.

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