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Vr is a 2 letter English word.

You can make 7 anagrams from letters in VR (rv).

Origin of VR

From the New Latin word verbum reflexīvum

Examples for VR

And they went wyth hym from VR in Chaldea/ to go in to the lde of Chanaan.

In time the name from VR du mindre became altered to its present name of Kjerteminde.

That control over the whole experience is super important, especially in the early stages of VR.

The pronoun of the first person is often ic 245, 385; VR pl.

And just as Hollywood embraced 3D, Dr. Marks says that Hollywood is interested in the VR experience.

“It sounds a little bit extreme, but I often do the comparison that VR is to a movie as a movie is to a photo,” Marks says.

Those $2 billion have also served to legitimize the work other companies have been doing to expand the VR experience.

The etymology of the word has been given as the Old Swedish VR (sacramentum) and VRingar (sacramentarii, soldiers bound by oath).

And undoubtedly those studies will be done, because VR is really a new medium.

Thêrvmbe send wi fvl êrbidenese to fara jowa wêpne, tha jet mar VR thina witskip.

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