Definitions for VIR

VIR vir

Spelling: [veer]
IPA: /vɪər/

Vir is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 14 anagrams from letters in VIR (irv).

Definitions for VIR


  1. husband (used chiefly in the legal phrase et vir).

Examples for VIR

They see an old man (vir) with a white face; this is a sign to speak only what is true, and to do only what is just.

Quo tempore egressi gypto Hebri jam prope Palestin fines venerant, mortuus ibi Moses, vir sapiens, dux itineris.

Decemvir, de-sem′vir, n. one of ten magistrates who at one time had absolute power in ancient Rome:—pl.

Truly he was the vir probus dicendi peritus of the ancients.

The yacht had anchored for the night to the east of vir, an island and lighthouse.

His monument was in the nave, towards the west end, and told that he was "vir sapientia et vitæ sanctitate clarus."

The Vulgate Latin renders the Hebrew virago, which is a feminine form of vir, a man.

Benedictus vir qui confidit in Domino; et erit Dominus fiducia ejus.

But why is he only addressed as vir Illustris, and not also as Praefectus?

vir in Latin signifies man, but vuur in Dutch signifies fire.

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