Definitions for T1

T1 T1

T1 is a 2 letter English word.

You can make 4 anagrams from letters in T1 (1t).

Examples for T1

Half-title of "Essay on Criticism," written 1709, T1 (verso blank).

Let T1 be the time of vibration when the masses are in one of the usual attracting positions.

Then to every such strip will correspond a strip of equal length x of the figures described by T1 and T2.

All the "odd" sheets are connected with T, all the "even" with T1.

Let v1 denote the velocity of T1 at any given instant; v2 that of T2.

Collation: The same as the preceding issue, without the duplicate half-title, T1.

The two thermometers are indicated as T1 and T2 and are inserted in the ingoing and outgoing water respectively.

This may be a critical difference for a generation reared on instant messaging and T1 connection speeds.

The temperature at the base of this layer due to the heat being continually evolved in it, is, say, T1°.

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