Definitions for Sande

Sande San·de

Spelling: [san-dee]
IPA: /ˈsæn di/

Sande is a 5 letter English word.

You can make 83 anagrams from letters in Sande (adens).

Definitions for Sande


  1. Earl, 1898–1968, U.S. jockey and racehorse trainer.

Examples for Sande

When a girl goes through the procedure among the Sande, she is sworn to secrecy.

Fear of the Zoes, the traditional Sande and Poro leaders, is to blame, he said.

It is interesting to note that "All alients for roulinge on the Sande te paye pr tonn IId."

Sande, this is a pure Saxon word, signifying Mission, or being sent.

These facts account for the epidemic at 1364 Sande very completely.

In her story, Azango quoted a 47-year-old woman who went through the painful procedure among the Sande when she was 13.

Sande's relation of 1576 has been published in Retana's Archivo, ii, no. 1.

Trinidad Galves, a young woman, aged sixteen, lived at 1364 Sande and was taken sick there on April 25.

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