Definitions for rimesters

rimesters rime·ster

Spelling: [rahym-ster]
IPA: /ˈraɪm stər/

Rimesters is a 9 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 10 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 11 points.

You can make 304 anagrams from letters in rimesters (eeimrrsst).

Definitions for rimesters


  1. rhymester.
  2. a writer of inferior verse; poetaster.

Origin of rimesters

First recorded in 1710-20; rhyme + -ster

Examples for rimesters

Did you not ask, Madamoiselle, why against this one rimester a hundred men were sent?

The song was popular; some rimester in the Tonah Basin camp had written the parody for the tormenting of the drill crews.

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