Definitions for RI


Ri is a 2 letter English word.

You can make 5 anagrams from letters in RI (ir).

Origin of RI

From the Latin word Rēx et Imperātor

Examples for RI

Then noticing the long face of poor Sidi Tart'RI, he changed tack.

The autopilot of RI 276 had no intention of letting this happen, of course.

Furthermore, there are reports that Jang and RI were somehow involved in a sex tape.

For one thing, RI Sol Ju almost certainly is a pseudonym—leaving the question of what her true identity is.

Later we learn that “Lennon and his wife had purchased a condo about a mile and a half from the Mailer home” in Provincetown, RI.

RI tzam tzakbal Tolom, “throwing the extremities of Tolgom.”

RI Sol Ju reportedly marRIed Kim Jong-un in 2009 or 2010, and gave birth to a child the following year.

Next to Kim Jong-un were two other prominent Communist Party officials, his uncle Jang Song-taek and RI Yong-ho, head of the army.

This Sidi ben Tart'RI was of course none other than TartaRIn.

Aunt RI was half paralyzed with astonishment at this speech.

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