Definitions for R.

R. r.

R. is a 2 letter English word.

You can make 2 anagrams from letters in R. (.r).

Origin of R.

From the Latin word recipe

Examples for R.

Could I, as an r. H., accept the vulgar hazards of a personal encounter?

Take, for example, the surprise cameo by r. Kelly, who sang part of—wait for it—“Ignition (Remix).”

Muir, r. Contribution to the physiology and pathology of the blood.

Here is Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Benedict Cumberbatch reading the actual lyrics from r. Kelly's new song "Genius."

Managing editor for national security r. Jeffrey Smith contributed to this article.

MAYOR TAYLOR INTRO Ivy r. Taylor, Mayor of San AntonioLearn more: Watch the full introduction.

However, like r. Kelly, Richardson has been seemingly forgiven for his questionable past.

At sides masonry with recesses; in the r. centre a great doorway.

Yes, certainly; if Mrs. r. will permit, I'll write to her with pleasure.

An extraordinary achievement and record fell to my brother r. C.

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