Definitions for Missouri

Missouri Mis·sour·i

Spelling: [mi-zoo r-ee, -zoo r-uh
IPA: /mɪˈzʊər i, -ˈzʊər ə/

Missouri is a 8 letter English word.

You can make 134 anagrams from letters in Missouri (iimorssu).

Definitions for Missouri


  1. a state in the central United States. 69,674 sq. mi. (180,455 sq. km). Capital: Jefferson City. Abbreviation: MO (for use with zip code), Mo.
  2. a river flowing from SW Montana into the Mississippi N of St. Louis, Mo. 2723 miles (4382 km) long.
  3. a member of a North American Indian tribe belonging to the Siouan linguistic stock, located on the Missouri River in early historic times and now extinct as a tribe.


  1. from Missouri, Informal. unwilling to accept something without proof; skeptical:

Examples for Missouri

So there is plenty of them in Missouri, though I didn't know it before.

At an important Ebola meeting on Capital Hill last week, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill was shocked to find it half-full.

Three months of despair were ignited in suburban Missouri when officer Darren Wilson was told he would walk free.

Co., Missouri Corporation that manufactures plumbing products.

Not 90 seconds later, Brown lay shot to death in broad daylight in the middle of a Missouri street.

What shook the pillars of the Union when the Missouri question was agitated?

On the 1st of November they all arrived on the banks of the Missouri.

Last week, Robert Wayne Holsey of Georgia and Paul Goodwin of Missouri were executed within just a few hours of each other.

In his old age he removed from Kentucky to the banks of the Missouri.

It used to be Boston, but the settlers around there were largely from Missouri.

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