Definitions for M-1

M-1 M-1

Spelling: [em-wuhn]
IPA: /ˈɛmˈwʌn/

M-1 is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 5 anagrams from letters in M-1 (-1m).

Definitions for M-1


  1. a semiautomatic, gas-operated, .30 caliber, clip-fed rifle, with a weight of 8.56 pounds (3.88 kg): the standard U.S. Army rifle in World War II and in the Korean War.

Examples for M-1

I had one gun, an M-1 from World War I, but it was sawed down a little bit.

One for the M-1 rifle and the other for the carbine—rather, this is the M-14, the new one.

Did he have exposure on another course for M-1 firing at a later date?

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