Definitions for jimson-weed

jimson-weed jimson weed

Spelling: [jim-suh n]
IPA: /ˈdʒɪm sən/

Jimson-Weed is a 11 letter English word.

You can make 463 anagrams from letters in jimson-weed (-deeijmnosw).

Definitions for jimson-weed


  1. a coarse, rank-smelling weed, Datura stramonium, of the nightshade family, having oaklike, poisonous leaves and tubular white or lavender flowers.

Origin of jimson-weed

1805-15, Americanism; variant of Jamestown weed, after Jamestown, Virginia

Examples for jimson-weed

The stick-tights and jimson weed held her with detaining hands as she ran back through the unmown lawn.

There wuz a jimson weed we'd use fur rheumatism, and fur asthma we'd use tea made of chestnut leaves.

The jimson weed on the Pacific coast of the Andes has large white flowers which exhale a faint, repulsive odor.

You may often see her visiting the blossoms of the jimson weed.

The jimson weed (Datura) is a bushy plant, from two to five feet high, bearing large leaves.

I think it must be some particularly virulent variety of the jimson weed.

These I just have named I take at bloom time; next month come purple thorn apple, jimson weed, and hemlock.

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