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inner-city inner city

Inner-City is a 10 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 5 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 7 points.

You can make 187 anagrams from letters in inner-city (-ceiinnrty).

Definitions for inner-city


  1. an older part of a city, densely populated and usually deteriorating, inhabited mainly by poor, often minority, groups.

Origin of inner-city

First recorded in 1960-65

Examples for inner-city

He wants to blame social programs for the problems of the inner city.

They lived in a house of their own in the inner city; and that signifies a great deal in Vienna.

During that same 50-year period, conditions for a segment of the black community—the inner city—have gotten worse.

The area occupied by the inner city is known as Gammelsholm (old island).

In 1848 the inner city of Vienna was enclosed within a broad and lofty bastion, fosse, and glacis.

She could have used her Cornell degree to seek wealth, but she chose to teach at an inner city school.

The inner city faces the cardinal points, and is walled and moated all round.

Here was a kid, young Carson, growing up in inner city Detroit with an absent father and mom who was facing all sorts of problems.

And do not the towers of the German churches stand out most prominently (and offensively) in the inner city?

Today, to oversimplify somewhat, the white working class resembles the inner city blacks of 1965.

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