Definitions for gamut

gamut gam·ut

Spelling: [gam-uh t]
IPA: /ˈgæm ət/

Gamut is a 5 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 8 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 11 points.

You can make 60 anagrams from letters in gamut (agmtu).

Definitions for gamut


  1. the entire scale or range:
  2. Music. the whole series of recognized musical notes. the major scale.

Origin of gamut

1425-75; late Middle English Medieval Latin; contraction of gamma ut, equivalent to gamma, used to represent the first or lowest tone (G) in the medieval scale + ut (later do); the notes of t

Examples for gamut

She ran the gamut with physical humor and dished out droll, self-deprecating one-liners.

Their expressions ran the gamut from sheepishness to blank haughtiness.

It ran the gamut from abstract, original eveningwear to a sort of sixties-inspired minimalism.

We take on the gamut of recent confessionals, from the sickeningly self-involved to the extremely endearing.

His face ran the gamut from white to red, from red back again to white.

It ran the gamut of ‘I want to thank you,’ ‘Because of you I turned a corner,’ to ‘How could you do this to me?’

Wild flowers, birds, and animals also run the gamut of the zones.

Speculation runs the gamut on whether or not Italy would actually request extradition.

He started to run the gamut of appeal, denial, and anger; but his hearers were inflexible.

gamut cheerfully assented, and together they sought the females.

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