Definitions for essayist

essayist es·say·ist

Spelling: [es-ey-ist]
IPA: /ˈɛs eɪ ɪst/

Essayist is a 8 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 11 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 10 points.

You can make 153 anagrams from letters in essayist (aeisssty).

Definitions for essayist


  1. a writer of essays.

Origin of essayist

First recorded in 1600-10; essay + -ist

Examples for essayist

An American essayist bids us "keep our eyes on the fixed stars."

No essayist has so much feeling against terraces and villas.

Ehrlich is an American travel writer, fiction writer, poet, and essayist.

The essayist,” Wampole then goes on to explain, “is interested in thinking about himself thinking about things.

Dave Carpenter is a Canadian novelist and essayist who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Yet it is not Inspiration for his Subject alone that makes the essayist.

“The author sees things with clarity,” says Xu Zhiyuan, an influential young Chinese essayist.

Jason Francisco is an acclaimed photographer, essayist and critic.

The essayist remained musing on all the occurrences of the night.

Blessed with these attributes he is an essayist to some purpose.

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