Definitions for D.

D. d.

D. is a 2 letter English word.

You can make 5 anagrams from letters in D. (.d).

Origin of D.

From the Latin word dā

Examples for D.

I say, d. and d., could you do a little thing at a short date just now?'

He dubbed his sprawling 22-room adobe—once the haunt of writer d. H. Lawrence—the Mud Palace.

There, she learned about homicide, weapons, drugs, and poisons from a forensic expert, Dr. d. P. Lyle.

It seemed, too, that the bishop and Mr. d. were always at war.

I think he did well to get off without a genuine case of d. T.

"Sights," like those on a rifle, are placed at A and C, and there is a pin at d.

So Romney will then say d. And Obama needs to deliver a good E.

Certainly Hugh did, and he remembered d. Varden too; but that he didn't tell him.

He started to write a book about d. H. Lawrence and instead wrote a book about not writing a book about d. H. Lawrence.

The $1,000-a-head Romney fundraiser in February was cohosted by a Utah businessman named d. Fraser Bullock.

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