Definitions for butterfly

butterfly but·ter·fly

Spelling: [buht-er-flahy]
IPA: /ˈbʌt ərˌflaɪ/

Butterfly is a 9 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 17 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 19 points.

You can make 245 anagrams from letters in butterfly (beflrttuy).

Definitions for butterfly


  1. any of numerous diurnal insects of the order Lepidoptera, characterized by clubbed antennae, a slender body, and large, broad, often conspicuously marked wings.
  2. a person who flits aimlessly from one interest or group to another:
  3. butterflies, (used with a plural verb) Informal. a queasy feeling, as from nervousness, excitement, etc.
  4. a racing breaststroke, using a dolphin kick, in which the swimmer brings both arms out of the water in forward, circular motions.
  5. Carpentry. butterfly wedge.
  6. Sculpture. an X -shaped support attached to an armature.
  7. one of the swinging brackets of a butterfly table.
  8. Movies. a screen of scrim, gauze, or similar material, for diffusing light.


  1. Cookery. split open and spread apart to resemble a butterfly:

verb (used with object)

  1. Cookery. to slit open and spread apart to resemble the spread wings of a butterfly.

Origin of butterfly

before 1000; Middle English boterflye, Old English buttorflēoge. See butter, fly2

Examples for butterfly

Who, except Cupid, would barter his liberty for a butterfly?

Who shall say, however, that the butterfly sees nothing but the flowers?

The opera charts the tragic tale of butterfly waiting in vain for her husband to return to her.

A small wooden cabinet with two butterfly doors held ropes and chains, candles, and sex toys.

This video remedies that injustice, showcasing an owl doing a butterfly stroke in Lake Michigan.

It was really only a paraphrase of the old story of the grub and the butterfly.

These men were as far removed from him as the crawling beetle is from the butterfly.

We see the acorn grow into the oak, the egg into the bird, the maggot into the butterfly.

“When you become a peshmerga your life becomes like a butterfly,” she said.

The labels included a picture of a butterfly on a blade of grass.

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