Definitions for beetle-browed

beetle-browed bee·tle-browed

Spelling: [beet-l-broud]
IPA: /ˈbit lˌbraʊd/

Beetle-Browed is a 13 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 8 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 10 points.

You can make 347 anagrams from letters in beetle-browed (-bbdeeeelortw).

Definitions for beetle-browed


  1. having heavy projecting eyebrows.
  2. scowling or sullen.

Origin of beetle-browed

1325-75; Middle English bitel-browed, probably with bitel sharp(-edged), Old English *bitel (see beetle1); see brow, Examples for beetle-browed

You're primitive and beetle-browed, but you've got what it takes.

A knock brought a black-haired, beetle-browed person to the window.

The rumbustious ogre has a hitherto undescribed, but quite imaginable, gap-toothed, beetle-browed ogress of a wife.

A beetle-browed, untidy individual was sitting just within the entrance to the cabaret, warming his toes at a charcoal brazier.

Above, the building was beetle-browed; below, it was dish-faced.

This pale, beetle-browed lady ought to have enjoined those to be timid who know how.

Late that afternoon a beetle-browed and forbidding-looking individual entered Brown's office.

"Or all three," put in the beetle-browed man who was working next to Zorzi.

The adjective “beetle-browed,” and similarly “beetling” (of a cliff), are derived from the name of the insect.

"An' so you're goin' to put my father down on the black list," said the beetle-browed son of the Rouser.

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