Definitions for A.

A. a.

Spelling: [brawn-dzee-naw]
IPA: /brɔnˈdzi nɔ/

A. is a 2 letter English word.

You can make 2 anagrams from letters in A. (.a).

Definitions for A.


  1. Agnolo (di Cosimo di Mariano) [ah-nyaw-law dee kaw-zee-maw dee mah-ryah-naw] /ˈɑ nyɔ lɔ di ˈkɔ zi mɔ di mɑˈryɑ nɔ/ (Show IPA), 1502–72, Italian painter.

Origin of A.

Latin annō, ablative of annus

Examples for A.

Political institutions: a. Sovereign (personnel, procedure).

At ten o'clock a. M. I received my commission of second lieutenant.

The only comedians hired whom I knew were a. Whitney Brown and Dennis Miller.

The writer a. Lezhnev said, “I view the incident with Shostakovich as the advent of the same ‘order’ that burns books in Germany.”

a. I struck him in the back of the head while he was in my lap fighting to break free.

I did not want her to fall in love with a. Carleton Heathcroft, certainly.

The family: a. Constitution, authority, condition of women and children.

a. Yes, after the strikes, and we were able to gain enough compliance to get his arms back.

The beginner will have some trouble to distinguish it from a. silvicola.

In 2012, a. Dilligaf, a Swiss resident who asked that I not use his real name, says he bid on a 2004 Dodge Ram.

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