Definitions for MI6


Spelling: [em-ahy-siks]
IPA: /ˈɛmˌaɪˈsɪks/

Mi6 is a 3 letter English word.

You can make 9 anagrams from letters in MI6 (6im).

Definitions for MI6


  1. the government's secret intelligence service.

Origin of MI6

M(ilitary) I(ntelligence, Section) 6

Examples for MI6

Back in October 1961, MI6 and the CIA had set up a system of telephone signals for Penkovsky.

Officials at MI6, where he failed to show up for work, did not raise the alarm until August 23, a week later.

For eighteen months, he had worked for MI6 and the CIA, the latter giving him the codename HERO.

More dreadful, it was Philby who ran covert operations against the Russians out of MI6.

In tandem with the CIA, MI6 were in the midst of running their most successful espionage operation to date.

It was the ultimate case of life imitating art, especially since le Carré had spent a few years in MI6 before becoming a novelist.

The story was later used by Graham Greene, himself a wartime agent for MI6, for his spy novel Our Man in Havana.

How a small British punk band fooled Reagan, Thatcher, the MI6, and American spies.

It remains to be seen whether MI5 and MI6 will have their way.

Bad advance work, too, on the "Mr. Leader" and the MI6 errors.

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