Definitions for pea-soup

pea-soup pea soup

Pea-Soup is a 8 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 5 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 6 points.

You can make 132 anagrams from letters in pea-soup (-aeoppsu).

Definitions for pea-soup


  1. a thick soup made from split peas.
  2. Informal. a dense, yellow fog.

Origin of pea-soup

First recorded in 1705-15

Examples for pea-soup

The water of the sacred river is here of the consistency of pea soup.

It consisted of pea soup, potatoes, some roasted beef, and coffee.

Meantime the cook forgot that he was the humble dispenser of salt horse and pea soup.

But now it all feels as foggy as pea soup and no one is happy.

There was a steaming kettle of pea soup and a pot of hot chocolate.

For cream of pea soup, simply substitute two cupfuls of cooked peas that have been pressed through a colander.

Cream soups, except bean or pea soup, may be given in moderation.

The fog was like pea soup there, though it looked clearer on Knightsbridge away.

They were already beginning to be rather weary of porridge, pea soup and lentils.

Then she took the old spoon and equally divided the pea soup.

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