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diamond-point diamond point

Diamond-Point is a 13 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 11 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 13 points.

You can make 493 anagrams from letters in diamond-point (-addiimnnoopt).

Definitions for diamond-point


  1. Furniture. a faceted, low-relief ornamental motif giving the effect of a cut gem.
  2. an acute, pyramidal point on a nail or spike.

Origin of diamond-point

First recorded in 1870-75

Examples for diamond-point

This consists essentially of a piece of glass on which lines are ruled by a diamond point.

Astern, a diamond point against the darkening sky, Minot's Light shone.

On side a the subject is slightly sketched in with the diamond point.

Fig. 955 represents a diamond point tool much used by eastern tool makers.

Sometimes the diamond point breaks half-way through the ruling, and a week's work is spoilt.

The diamond point is drawn along the inside of the cylinder and opens it out flat.

Engraving consists of putting the design upon the iron with a diamond point chisel or any sharp tool, with the aid of a hammer.

The diamond point chisel, Figs. 2171 and 2172, may be made in two ways.

He engraved a large number of elegant and original designs on steel, with a diamond point, for patent-medicine labels.

A "dry point" plate is produced by drawing on a copper plate with a steel or diamond point, and without biting by acid.

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