Definitions for deaconesses

deaconesses dea·con·ess

Spelling: [dee-kuh-nis]
IPA: /ˈdi kə nɪs/

Deaconesses is a 11 letter English word. It's valid Scrabble word worth 12 points. It's valid Words with friends word worth 14 points.

You can make 394 anagrams from letters in deaconesses (acdeeenosss).

Definitions for deaconesses


  1. (in certain Protestant churches) a woman belonging to an order or sisterhood dedicated to the care of the sick or poor or who is engaging in other social-service duties, as teaching or missionary work.
  2. a woman elected by a church to assist the clergy.

Origin of deaconesses

1530-40; earlier deaconisse, part translation, part adoption of Late Latin diāconissa, feminine of diāconus deacon; see -ess

Examples for deaconesses

On Sunday, December 9, 1888, the first deaconess was set apart to her duties.

In marked contrast to Dettelsau is the deaconess house at Berne.

Vexing questions have arisen as to how the deaconess should be set apart to her work.

Many sorrows which he overlooks the deaconess can discern and assuage.

Adjoining the hall, at the west end, was built the deaconess house.

The deaconess institutions have the good features, but have avoided the ill.

The deaconess home has also branches of work in different parts of France.

Harriet pushed her away and put her hand on his forehead, then nodded at the deaconess.

The field of work of the deaconess in modern times is a large one.

The first deaconess was Gertrude Reichardt, the daughter of a physician.

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