Definitions for Mita

Mita mi·ta

Spelling: [mee-tuh]
IPA: /ˈmi tə/

Mita is a 4 letter English word.

You can make 38 anagrams from letters in Mita (aimt).

Definitions for Mita


  1. a colonial system in Peru by which the Spanish government required Indians to perform periodic forced labor, especially in the mines.

Origin of Mita

1720-30; American Spanish Quechua mit'a literally, turn, time

Examples for Mita

Mention is even made of one benevolent lady (mita Lupa) who had expended her whole fortune on this object.

Then mita threw herself at the feet of her father and prayed him to spare the life of the Cheyenne.

In the mines and plantations countless numbers of Indians were annually swept away by the excessive labor consequent on the mita.

mita uttered a shriek as if she had received the blow, and hid her face in her hands.

Aude and Roland, less fortunate than Miton and mita, were not yet married.

It was half an hour after sunset when the two friends arrived at mita.

Pisiris conspired with mita, chief of the Mushki, and proclaimed his independence; but vengeance swiftly and surely overtook him.

Miton was now thirty-two, mita twenty-seven, and mitaine eight.

The mita alone, especially the labor in the mines, has swept away four times as many Indians as all the other causes combined.

mita flung herself at the Emperor's feet, and kissed his hand in silence.

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